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Hi Friends,

I'm so happy you decided to stop by. Here's a little about me: I used to climb trees to write my poems. Perhaps the White Pine was the first to whisper the sweet words of invitation to me: "Write what you see." That was not very Gilbert Blythe of it, for shouldn't I stick with what I know? But the trees have taught me that life takes vision, and that my imagination is a very good thing. So apologizing to Anne Shirley, I'm afraid I've got to stick with the high falutin' mumbo, jumbo. Life hands us confusing things, and sometimes handling it takes a third eye. Are you with me?

I devote a great deal of my time to poetry, because it's a bare necessity. It helps me connect as a fellow human, which can be tough for us extroverted introverts. We long to touch the world in big and small ways, but get lost in a forest of details. Then it takes blankets and chocolate and tea and good conversations to recover. After that, it's back to adventuring again!

Maybe you're still searching for your rhythm, too? Maybe you've scrolled and scrolled, but you still can't find YOUR category? Me, too. That's why poetry is so universally appealing. It lets us be real in our own unique and creative ways. It lets us process our realities as we find them, and plan our futures as we dream them.

My reality includes one dear husband, three lovely children, special needs parenting, Fibromyalgia, a shifting faith, and a rental apartment prone to non-threatening disasters, possibly involving plumbing. That's a lot to process. Thank goodness for poetry. It should do the trick.

Blessings and adventures be yours!


Jamie Wright Bagley

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