Lesson 6:  Today, I Am A Poet

Dear friends,

We're almost done with our mini-adventure in poetry! There is one more chapter after this, and our journey is complete!

Perhaps you're feeling more than a bit stretched by now. You've done a lot of work. It feels like there's so much more to learn... Take heart! This can be a lifelong adventure full of wonderful, daily discoveries. Enjoy the scenery around you right now.

Enjoy and embrace this beautiful existence!

Life is more than a string of words, more than scientific explanations of the world around you.

Poetry is about running barefoot on the sand or digging your toes deep into the musky earth.

It is about saying what you want to say, what you desperately need to say, what you long to express in a memorable way.

This is about setting yourself free:

You can soar like a woodthrush in the ecstasy of song.

You can come alive and awake to the beauty around you.

Think of all the worlds you can create when you engage in imaginative play with your words.

The operative idea here is permission.

You do not have to be stellar. This is not a performance. There aren’t grades or gold stars.

You can find the process itself rewarding as you get in touch with the magic of creativity.

So let today be the day:

Claim that title.

Apply the spirit of play.

Embrace the drama!

Discover the poet within.


Love from your poet-enthusiast,




Your First Assignment:

  • Write “Today, I am a poet” on paper, canvas, a sticky note in your workspace, or in the fog on your bathroom mirror.

    Use refrigerator magnets.

    Decorate a cupcake.

    Instagram it.

    Tweet it out to the world!


Yes, it's outrageous. Practice boldness until it becomes an art.

Announce it to yourself out loud right this very moment:

"Today, I am a poet!"

Let's make a poem about how it makes you feel:

  • Following the simple pattern below, describe how it feels, ranging from excited to awkward to doubtful to certain and anything else that occurs.


Today, I am a poet,
And that makes me feel _________.
I will ______  it with _______.
I will ______  it with _______.
Just for today.
Today, I am a poet.



Today, I am a poet,
And that makes me feel free.
I will embrace it with joy.
I will share it with courage.
Just for today.
Today, I am a poet.

Your Second Assignment:

  • Write your thoughts as lines of poetry beginning with these words:

    “A poem is an adventure… ”


  • Now, choose one or all of these options:

    Print or write it, cut it out, and glue it to a page in your journal.

    Choose a photo background and share the words on Instagram. (You can find other poets through hashtags like #poetsofinstagram #poemoftheday and #poetry for a start.)

    Use it as a writing prompt for a blog post.

    Spread the love by pinning it to a public bulletin board in a local establishment you frequent, or enclosing a note inside a book or magazine.


Your One Word Prompt:

- Exploration -