My dear poetically-inclined friends,

I am thrilled, delighted, ecstatic to have you aboard this amazing venture into the land of poetry. I hope you’re as excited as I am to launch into the world of imagery and find new ways to express ourselves.

This course is designed to equip you with the tools for finding your way into poetry. It is not primarily about learning all the rules or getting it right. This course is about unearthing the treasures inside your soul and inviting you to believe in their beauty. We are not searching for the words themselves. We are searching for word-encrusted gems. It is not the words that touch us deeply so much as the ideas hidden like glinting jewels inside the words.

This is about you being you; finding ways to express yourself.

Poetry invites you to put down the need for a quantity of words, and instead to paint small pictures. Through carefully selected pieces of language, you can evoke emotion and a sense of shared experience with your readers.


This is about giving yourself permission to be human, to be real, to come alive. We will learn, we will practice, and we will make art.

It’s a treasure hunt, and I trust you will find that sweet trove when you meet yourself on this journey.

Consider this course your map. Your own heart is the compass; that is why you are here…

So come join the fun!

Love from my map-making chair,