Before You Part


  It is right there

  In the air,

  Waiting to be grasped;

  Like a concept of grown-up-ishness

  In a world of naive childishness.

  O remember what power surged through

  Your tiny being when you knew,

  Finally knew what that word

  Long heard and studied meant.

  It is likewise with the lightning flash

  Of sudden deeper consciousness,

  When a poem alights on your fingertips,

  Or dances softly about your lips,

  And whispers secrets only to you

  As the universe bid her to;

  Knowing you could take or leave

  This tiny, glittering gift,

  To keep or share or send along

  For another soul's delight-

  There is no wrong or right;

  Just a choice that is good

  For your very own aching heart.

  Let it touch you

  Before you part.

Jamie Bagley