Stronger Than We've Dared Believe


The only way out is through-

Never true,

Since the dawn of time:

Always there would be a way

To slip through the cracks,

Retreat, pass the blame,

Dig that grave,

Find a scapegoat

For all the shame,

Because fear

Lives here

And has us all by the throat.


But brave begets brave,

And the best way out is through:

The heart is stronger

Than we’ve dared believe.

I know- my own has reached

Astonishing pace, stolen breath,

And come back from the dead-

I’m not going to waste it.

The giant is awake,

This lightning is alive:

I’m going head first

into the labyrinth of why.


Every evil seeks power:

They think I am afraid.

Come at me, dragons!

I will not be your slave.

Fight in my eyes

And fire in my lungs.

Storm in my heart-

Angels at my side.

I'm on the front lines

To see it through,

Until the tide turns

Against all that is untrue.

Copyright © Jamie Wright Bagley, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Jamie Bagley