I imagine her rage-sweeping a newly-cleaned floor
“You promised, You promised! How long, O Lord!”
Sharply she speaks through her pain, through her teeth:
“Four hundred years is a long time to sleep!”



Author's note: I thought about calling this "Of Course She Knew!" and many other titles. It's clearly fiction/speculation as I make no claims to an authority to tell herstory. She was human. She was learned as evidenced in the Magnificat. And we know much later in time it was in part her admonition that launched the beginning of her son's miraculous ministry. So for me it is not so far-fetched that an earnest address to the Almighty incited the beginning of blessed change. Why else might she have given the angel that side-eye after being called favored? Anyway, may we be as earnest in these dark days. May we hold our God to promises made.

Jamie Bagley