Divine Burden


In order to weep for the world,

You have to carry it on your back.

But only briefly,

Moments at a time,

Lest the weight crush your knees

While you are yet praying.



Hold upon your sloping shoulders

The striving rivers with mourning falls,

The veins of motherly earth,

Stretching eager fingers

Toward the vastness of binding oceans,

Shrinking not from the promise of storm.



Feel the trembling depths with your palms,

The molten anxieties surface to fears,

Changing forever the living landscape,

Scorching and covering all that breathes,

Seething with a coming darkness,

Fuming with a millennium of silent rage.



Return it all to cosmic hand where living hope belongs.

You have seen and felt the divinely carried burden.

You have felt and savored the love-pulsing heart.

You have savored and memorized a Spirit song.

A life remembered, forgotten, reminded anew:

Your place in time. Your compassionate gaze.


(Updated: Original from Nov. 14, 2014.)

Jamie Bagley