Come, sit down, and we'll chat a spell.
I have so much to hear from you
as well as things to say.

We could talk about hope
and how a change of scenery
does more for the soul than words ever could.

We could talk about fear and how it conjures an army made of mist
just to see if it can fool us into running scared
or back to the hard but familiar.

We could talk about when there is no going back,
just looking,
and how sore that will make you if you do it for too long.

We could catch up on lives moving too fast to get the word out,
and the sorrow of accidentally losing touch
when no-one meant it to happen.

We could just sit in silence
and let the unspoken commune for us,
knowing that our hearts bend their heads toward one another
no matter where our feet take us
or have taken us
or will take us.

Let us breathe together, amid the sounds of birdsong and distant traffic;

Let us find a worship in the moment of being:

Embodied, spacious, sun-warmed, timeless...
And for an eternal instant,

Jamie Bagley