Journey's End

Stacks of bound letters and photos yellowed with age rest on a table along with a black fountain pen and matching inkwell.

Stacks of bound letters and photos yellowed with age rest on a table along with a black fountain pen and matching inkwell.

My dear friends and fellow poets,

You have rounded the final bend on this scenic journey across the landscape of imagination. What a great accomplishment!

Take a few moments to reflect and review your handiwork:

You have met many new challenges set forth in the lessons.

You have joyfully practiced the art of coloring with words. 

You have taken both great leaps and small steps, and have documented your efforts and adventures.

You have persevered to the last step.

It is my great hope that you have discovered more of your vision, direction, and voice, but most importantly, that you found new treasures within yourself through the process of navigating each chapter and activity of this course.

Take some time to stop, rest, and celebrate:

Look at all the ways you have grown.

See all the words you have written.

Believe in and marvel at the goodness that came from your heart, soul, mind, and attention.

Devote yourself to the daily practice of attending to the present moment, finding the gifts, and if you are moved, forming them into words.

Follow the movement that uniquely calls and compels you!

And one final note, adventurous travelers:

Remember that each poem you write is an opportunity to begin again with a seeker's heart. Instead of striving to become a wordsmith, let it unfold in you through the art of passionately participating in the here and now, and acknowledging the beauty of it with the language of your own true essence. Let your goal be to become a little bit more of yourself each day, and it will noticeably shine through your words.

It takes time. It takes love. It takes practice. And. It takes a willingness to fail and start over sometimes, which in time proves to be the pathway to fulfilling your personal vision and vocation. Let the music of invitation sing its magnum opus in your soul each day, and pursue your dream wholeheartedly.

I believe in you. Firmly. There is a poet awakening in each of us, and longing to be shared with the world.

Therefore, this letter is not a final wave goodbye. Instead, it is a loving and gentle nudge to continue! Move forward and embrace your formation as an artist. Expand your horizons. Deepen your dimensions. Look for opportunities to grow, change, and break through the challenges holding you back. I am here to tell you, and I will always tell you, this can be a lifetime experience, and you won't regret it!

Carry on, courageous adventurers.

Much love from the depths of my poet-loving heart,


Jamie Wright Bagley