Stability And Dreams

Stability is such a practical sounding word. Staying present sounds like such an only-this-moment thing. If I am practicing the discipline of staying present, do I still get to have dreams?

Dreams are more than future-casting. We know this, right? Please tell me we know this. You do. I do. A dream is far more than a Disney fantasy; more than a wish of your heart. The dream I am talking about- The Dream; the purpose I am living to accomplish in this world- has everything to do with the discipline of staying present.

My dream looks like the work of freedom and growth. Waking up to the beauty of it. Awakening others to it. Encouraging an awareness of self, an awareness of God-given creativity, an awareness of space to grow, change, learn, and live into.

This is an ideal but it is not just an ideal. It is a step-by-step work of the everyday kind. It is speaking one more word of hope today. Opening one more door. Commissioning one more creative soul to grow, spread their message, and pass along the hope. Even when I don’t “feel” it. Even when my own outlook seems bleak. Even when I can’t seem to get very much to go right in a certain day. (Today is one of those days. It’s Friday, which is typically the day after the day I am “done” with the week.)

So, can I have stability AND hang on to my dreams?

My answer is yes. Now, I could flit around to different daydreams about where my life might end up in the future, or what I might someday become, or the things I will one day possess, but those are fantasies. And they have their place. Just not front and center. They don't get to determine my Today. They will not be the dreams that save me.

The dream that saves is the one that will always be left when I come yet again to the end of my finite self. When my identity feels uncertain because of the many changes life brings that I cannot control, it will be my anchor. Reminding myself of the dream is how I remain present in difficulties. When my soul is feeling unsteady, it’s how I find solid ground again.

What is your dream? How does it offer you stability in the present?


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Jamie Bagley