Every day for the past several, I have been baking with whole wheat flour and yeast.

Every day, I bake bread, and that bread is consumed by a loving family. That bread is consumed by me. It is delicious and I am hungry, so I eat a lot.

Every day. Yes, this baking of bread has become a ritual. A service. An offering. An act of prayer and praise. And also of provision.

I get to be in the middle of this big picture. I am awake to this privilege. God is my creator and my sustainer. But I was also made to be a creator and sustainer. I get to play the same roles on a smaller scale. I get to empathize with God.

You see, I think Creator set up this life up as a cooperative. We all play a myriad of parts. No one gets shoved into One Role. Nobody is just one thing. We are not meant to live in categories or dead end jobs. We are not meant to be an expert in only one field. It’s not a one-thing life. It’s a much bigger dream than that- God’s dream for the world. The dream placed over my soul at its first awakening is a multifaceted dream. The dream of freedom and growth. It is meant to be full of color. Full of flavor. Full of movement.

I don’t want to just be remembered as a good poet or a good mom or a good friend. I want to go bigger than that. Not for fame. That’s not what this hunger is. This hunger is to live. Live loud. Live wide. Live with my hands lifted up to the sky. As a giver and a receiver. I believe that’s what we all are meant to become.

“Give us this day our daily bread.” Give me the inspiration to dream into Your dream, God. The bread of life- this is my hunger. A bread that satisfies is a living and alive bread. A saving bread. An energizing bread.

And Jesus? I am hungry.


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Jamie Bagley