Present to the Season: Autumn {poetry prompt}

Staying present means living in the season that encompasses my life. Where I am living right now it is the season of Autumn. It speaks boldly of endings and subtly of beginnings. It speaks of retreating, but it also speaks of promise. It speaks of the temporary- the changeableness of the world around me. It speaks of the eternal- the faithfulness of the circle of seasons. In all things, it speaks of the Presence of the divine.

Prompt: Be the student of nature today. What does she teach you about seasons? About change? Write a description poem of the season of Autumn, through your own senses.


  1. List some words associated with the season: colors, fall, chill, drifting, radiance, loss, fading, leaving, retreating, harvest, reflection, etc.

  2. Choose the words that evoke memories of the experiences of your senses. Let them form a picture or scene in your mind.

  3. Describe the scene or memory. Put it in as few words as possible. Try to represent how autumn feels to you.

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Autumn is a spectrum

Of rash and impulsive

Brilliance; of slow changes

Drifting to stillness at your feet

It is sharp wind

And soft sunlight

It is sorrowful grey

Then awakening blue

It smells of the spices of joy

Also of decay, of endings

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Jamie Bagley