Stability in the Midst of Pain

Just back from the doctor visit. Evening.

I've had a lot of aches and pains lately. By that I mean chronically, but they've been more intense lately. Many theories can pour into that, ranging from diet to stress, and other probable causes. The thing is, there's no one-time formula or solution, any more than there is just one cause. I continue trying to find relief, but it's not an easy road.

Stability in the midst of pain is a tough one. Because the first thing anyone wants to do when one cannot relieve pain is to seek a means of escape. I could get lost in entertainment, or self-pity, or stress-eating to cope. And I will admit that sometimes I do. But right now, I am making the effort to stay present, to get to the bottom of things, and to find a restoration to my health.

I had my usual expensive-but-hopeful visit to the doctor today, and my supplement program was re-adjusted. I have to say, I am making progress. My heart used to be all out of whack and now it's fairly strong. My thyroid was a shambles and now it's stable. I've had emotional clearing and laser treatment for scars. Things are healing, little by little. Then there's the old digestive system, a bit torn up from years of antibiotics. Apparently it can relate directly to inflammation such as I'm dealing with. So I persevere, knowing that healing takes time, always more time than I would like it to take.

My new undercover EMF resonance shield. ;)

In addition to my supplement program, I am trying an EMF resonance shield. It's from the Simply Elegant pendant collection, so if it doesn't work on the pain at least I have a nice necklace for my trouble. (Plus, it feels kinda super secret-agent-y to own one. I don't know why, just go with it. I mean, come on; it's a cool gadget under cover as formal attire. Sweet!) I have heard good things about it, and though I am a bit skeptical, I am willing to try it.

I have learned through experience that putting off self-care is foolish. Engaging in good self-care habits and regular assessments is yet another way that I can practice the discipline of stability. I choose to care for myself, not at the expense of others but in service to them, for I am much more able to use my gifts when my energy isn't all being channeled into pain management. I'm grateful for the treatment I've had access to and will continue to actively pursue healing. And may I have the courage to never give up.

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Jamie Bagley