Believing In Enough {poetry prompt}

If you have been following my series, you'll know I've been blogging about the discipline of stability and staying present. For the WHOLE month of October! It has been quite an adventure so far.

31 Days of Stability is an act of faith. I have no posts prepared beforehand. On purpose. Because I need to practice what I say, that I believe in abundance and I believe in enough. Each day I awaken asking God to show up for me through inspiration, motivation, and energy. And each day, it has been so.

The energy is fading, because 31 consecutive days of blogging does take commitment. But the words are still coming, in spite of my objection that I’m poured out, used up, dried up.

Facing the emptiness of the page with hope for inspiration is an act of faith, trusting that the wisdom that brought me this far will be there for me in the next moment. I am practicing a peaceful receptiveness; not reaching or grasping for what I think I need, but keeping my palms open to receive. Believing in enough.

Prompt: If you opened your hands to receive, what might the outcome be? Believe in enough.


1. Write about something you need to embrace as an act of faith. Maybe it’s a wounded heart’s healing, or a trust restored, or a mystery made known, or the truth to set free.

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Receiving Life

Feeling a brokenness-

Of things past but not repaired;

Of things present but not at rest.


Feeling a fearfulness-

Of things to come I cannot control

Of things now I do not understand.


Feeling a hopefulness-

Of letting go what torments me

Of receiving what I truly need.


Feeling a faithfulness-

Of a trustworthy provision

Of all that is enough to give life.

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Jamie Bagley