One Day For Looking Back

Some days stability does mean looking back. It means honoring what was that made way for what is. Today is one of those rare days where the past informs my present in a huge way. I wouldn’t be practicing staying present if I didn’t acknowledge that today is my birthday. My 36th birthday, to be exact. Some days, you just have to drop everything you’re talking about on your blog... and celebrate!

I love that I was born in the fall. October is my favorite month. It's not cold yet; the sky is extra crisp, just like the leaves crunching underneath my feet. Oh, and all the spicy scents get their rightful recognition. The colors are fantasy-meets-reality. And there are plenty of reasons for pie. It's a dream season. I suspect it would be my favorite even if my birthday didn't coincide.

Yes, it's a special day. The joy is real. Come help me celebrate!

If you’d like to look back with me, my lovely mother is also a blogger who writes memoir segments every Monday, and this week, she happened upon the sweet story of my birth. The timing worked out great! Go ahead; smile and coo over my adorable baby pictures and then send her some comment love!

Didn't mean to do a Trader Joe's commercial, but hey, they are my favorite grocery store!

As for me, I am literally filling my face with whipped cream. As I mentioned on facebook, enjoying my own bottle of whipped cream is on my something-cooler-than-a-bucket list. Did the Disney channel over-romanticize this act of indulgence? Perhaps. I get to find out today! Let me know if you decide to try it, too! Do you think it's overrated?

What fun things would you do to celebrate your birthday? I'd be delighted to know!


P.S. The 31 days series is almost over. There are two days left after today! And I just have to mention that it’s been a great way to finish out this year of my life. I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed our interaction. You all bless me. Thank you.

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Jamie Bagley