The Power of Small Deeds {poetry prompt}

Sometimes "stability" means looking at the bright side, or at least, the practice of looking beyond difficult circumstances. Thursdays can be really hard for me. The energy is draining and more and more I come up against the brick walls of my personal limitations. I watch as things grow smaller; my wallet, the pantry stock, my patience, and it contributes to a sense of overwhelm because everything is a challenge. I'm guessing there are times you feel that way, too?

Still, there are small and powerful things we can do even when the energy is low. Sharing words of encouragement, flashing a sympathetic smile, singing fake opera into your hairbrush to make the children giggle, or telling a joke that lightens the atmosphere, (which means it should be tasteful!) Or maybe it’s a small action of love; doing a minor chore for someone else who is overwhelmed, fixing a fun snack for everyone, or giving your stressed-out co-worker a $5 gift card to a coffee shop.

There are plenty of seemingly insignificant but actually powerful things we are still able to do, even when we are tired. So let’s focus not on what we cannot do, but instead imagine the many things that we could do to make a difference.

Prompt: I could… (or I can...)


1. What are you, even in your limited strength and time, able to do to better your life and the lives of those around you? Think about it.

2. Make a list - (yes, I love lists!) - and choose one or a few things on your list to write about. You may use the ideas in the description above.

3. Feel free to repeat “I could” at the beginning of each line or stanza as a way to emphasize the major thought and feeling of your poem.

4. Remember, this is practice. We are honing our craft. It does not have to be perfect to publish on your blog.


The Power of Small Deeds

I could slow my pace

And stop staring at the ground

I could look for grace

And expect it to be found

I could make some tea

Just enough to go around

I could stop to see

Ordinary as profound


I could ease the care

Of someone who needs a song

I could speak some hope

When the darkness lasts too long

I could share a smile

To remind us we are strong

I could, so I will

This was needed all along

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Jamie Bagley