What I'm Currently Into {October}


At the end of September and a few days into October, I went to visit my family, staying with my mother, Gayl Wright. During that time I got to see a bunch of friends, including Abby Norman and Jennifer Upton. I cherish the memory of our time together at the blessed log home on a hill that is my parents'.

What else? Well I have either finished or am reading some books, which seems to be quite the feat for me this year. I mean, I love to read, but it's hard to actually FINISH a book. Case in point, I have only finished the first two of these but I'm enjoying the one not yet completed.:

Consent-Based Parenting by Abby Norman

Music of Silence by David Stendl-Rast and Sharon Lebell

Normal by Newell Hendricks



Once Upon A Time

Gilmore Girls on Netflix

Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Amazon Prime Instant Video


Caramel sauce, Mint Melange tea, Peanut Butter chips, (but not all eaten together!) from Trader Joe’s, my favorite grocery store ever. The kids love the mint tea, too, so it's going fast! It's a nice soothing drink for when you are stressed or want something hot but non-caffeinated to sip before bed.

Homemade bread, Homemade honey pumpkin pie, and Homemade chicken broccoli alfredo. Sorry I don't have recipes for all of these. I use the bread recipe in the Kitchenaid cookbook as a guide. Oh, but when in doubt, check allrecipes.com. I'm used to winging it, with occasional tips from there. You can find almost anything you're looking for by searching the database.



Old Navy infinity scarves; one with pink polka dots, and one that is off-white and reminiscent of cheesecloth, (but not as holey.) I couldn't find a photo online, so I guess these are available in-store only. They were $12 each, which was half the price of anywhere else I looked.


Steampunk-y shoes, which were a gift from my sister, Evangeline. She had bought herself a pair and I wanted to try them on because they were cool. They are not my usual style, but I fell in love with them anyway. On the Friday before I left, we had a "girls' night at my Grandma's house, which is basically cookies, tea, and scrabble. So much fun! Evangeline surprised us all with gifts, and mine were my own pair of these gorgeous shoes! I've never been much of a shoe person, but when I love something I really love it. And I LOVE THESE SHOES! :D



These Faber Castell Brush Pens.

Ultramarine Blue Acrylic Paint.

Trees of Mystery Lined Journal.

I hope to use these gifts along with the Art Journal supplies that came from my dear friends Jenny Wells and Marvia Davidson.

A beautiful work of art from Marvia. She painted the picture and then did this awesome calligraphy of some poetry I wrote last month. I feel honored and loved and blessed to have her friendship and sisterhood.

That's what my October looked like, along with the commitment to the 31 Days of Blogging challenge, where I chose the topic of Stability. You can read all about it here.

Did I mention my birthday is in October? I celebrated 36 years, which makes me 6 times the age of my son Kevin.

What's next? I've signed up for Nanowrimo in November. I completed it last year but I'm not as confident this year. However, it will help me get stuff written, so I'm planning to give it a shot.

Have a great November!

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