To Unfamiliar Angles

There are many angles through which to witness the here and now.

When I rely on only my own story, I do not see the whole picture.

I need to hear and heed the stories of other people, too.

Wisdom has taught me that I must be a student as well as a teacher;

Not just speaking but also taking the time to observe and receive.

Stability is being open-minded; willing to see from a new point of view.

Stability is assuming this humility of a student, knowing there is much to learn.

Stability is embracing the patience of a teacher, knowing there is much to impart.

Every person has an important story to work out, live out,

And gift to the larger story of our beautiful, turning world.

Today, listen to a story of someone who is not like you,

And practice seeing through their eyes.

Be fully present to all they are saying,

And give them space to voice their view.

Sometimes an unfamiliar angle can reveal a surprising beauty.

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Jamie Bagley