What is today?

Today is the now of my life

Today is me and mine

Today is you and yours

Today is us, and how we see each other

Today is love, enough for all


What is today for?

Today is for the moment of truth

Today is for believing my heart’s cry

Today is for clearing the dust

Today is for taking on the world

Today is for love, for all, for you


Oh, but what IS “today”?

“Today”: the thief in paradise

“Today”: the realm beyond time

“Today”: the merging into Oneness

“Today”: the beginning of everlife

“Today”: the restoration


"Today" is a mystery

A stardust second of glory

A hope, a truth, a life

A spark and a flame

A tear and a river

Creation’s perfect alloy of chaos and order







#31Days of Stability/Staying Present, Day 6. In this post, I am staying present by bearing witness through poetry to both the big picture and the small picture, and how they co-exist in mysterious harmony. Read the rest of the #31Days of Stability series here.

Jamie Bagley