Stability and Interruptions

I knew it was going to be challenging to return from vacation. I was prepared. What I did not expect was for my youngest to come down with a cold. After 2 days of caring for him, another of my children has begun coughing. My 31 Days of blogging will have some gaps, I guess.

What does stability look like when things don’t go as planned?

I don’t know whether or not I do this well. I would say sometimes. Ask me after two more days of wiping runny noses? My temper has flared once already because of my husband getting stuck in traffic and arriving home late. This stay-at-home parent gig is never easy, but cold season tends to add another layer of stress.

How do I practice staying present when the normal flow of life is interrupted?

One moment at a time. That’s all I’ve got. When sleep gets lost, words get stuck, kids get cranky, it’s hard. When my time is consumed by fixing tea and homemade chicken soup, or snuggling a sniffly child, there isn’t a lot of room for quiet time. There isn’t as much time for communication with my friends. There is little time to write. There is little time to pray or ponder. And that can feel frustrating, isolating, even paralyzing.

I have to trust that my living out life as it is set before me, in this moment to moment way, can be received as a prayer. I have to trust that the energy, grace, and hope in abundance are available to me. I have to realize that there is no “keeping up” online or off to get desperate about, but that what I have and who I am and what I am called to focus on today is enough.

So I’m missing a few days on the October blogging calendar. But I am doing what I can to show up when I can, and trying not to fret about the unfinished or incomplete. Sometimes that’s all the stability I can muster. I have a lot of growing to do. All in good time. 31 days of stability? This is just the teaser, isn't it?

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Jamie Bagley