Saying Yes {poetry prompt}

Since Thursday is poetry prompt day, I want to relate it back to the topic of discussion in my #31Days of Stability post, Day 9: Stability Of Commitment.

Today’s prompt is simply, “I will say yes to ___.”


  1. Write from the heart. Tell yourself the truth. What needs a yes?

  2. Write stream of consciousness. Or, “no editing as you go,” if that makes more sense.

  3. Think of it as an act of stretching out your hand toward your yes. “I will say yes to ___.” Remember the importance of setting your boundaries.

  4. Add your link at the bottom of this post or share in the comments.



I will say yes

To boundaries

To hope

To living out loud

To walking in truth

To keeping eyes open

To love in action


I will say yes

To breathing deep

To inner quietness

To feeding myself

To body and soul

To reaching out

To listening up


I will say yes

To learning

To sharing

To thinking

To asking

To the risk of trust

To the mystery of faith

Jamie Bagley