When God Speaks

When God speaks to you

And through you

Do not argue the why

Or the worth of it

Do not doubt the voice

Or the strength of it

Do not dismiss the yes

And amen of it

Do not fear a reply

Or disdain of it

“Always be ready to give an answer…”


I was long troubled by that verse from 1 Peter 3:15, believing it to be another way I've let Jesus down, big time. But I came to realize that the verse does not actually demand I have an answer ready, (or a ready answer. In our current culture of snark, a ready answer is all the rage.)

What it says is "always be ready." The verb in this verse indicates a state of being; an open channel to the Spirit. I am to have a receptivity to communication with the divine. That's a whole lot different than the notion  I had better have some irrefutable lines to rattle off in order to prove my God is real.

Always be ready is a freedom from worry. It's freedom from my need to be right or appear smart or have a situation (or conversation) under my control. Instead, it's an opportunity to practice believing in abundance: of a truth that sets free and of God's provision in an unexpected moment of need.

What do I call that? Trust.

Jamie Bagley