When God Seems Absent {A Guest Post On Hope}

Today I'm excited to tell you about a guest post I've written over at a friend's blog. She is walking through 50 days of posts about hope, especially how it is related to us in verses from the Christian scriptures.

I chose a slight twist, and wrote about where to find hope when God seems absent. I look to the Psalms as a guide to the struggle, because I am not the first by far to have encountered this challenge. Psalm 44 is one I may have skimmed through in the past, trying to get past the depressing part; the laying out of pain before God. I'd rather skip the pain, thanks.

Then I heard this version by John Michael Talbot, and it caused me to meditate on the words rather than skim them. What I found was surprisingly comforting. Head on over to Caiobhe's place to read what I learned.

I hear a lot of stories about hope. In fact, I often seek them out. Hope is a constant hunger; a pursuit of something we can’t yet see but choose to believe is possible. It is an act of courage and defiance against despair. Sometimes, though, even when we are purposing to live faithfully, it feels like God isn’t showing up in practical ways. How do we continue to cling to hope?

In the book of Psalms, the sons of Korah felt as though God had forgotten them even though they remained faithful.

’All this came upon us,

though we had not forgotten you;

we had not been false to your covenant.

Our hearts had not turned back;

our feet had not strayed from your path...’

Read the rest here.

Jamie Bagley