In Hope Of Restoration


We live a throwaway custom-

If something breaks… we toss it.

A new one can be purchased.

Unless the broken is our own soul.

What then?

A soul is not a thing to cast aside.

A soul is not a thing to be replaced.

Find a way to mend, to hope again,

To make bruised and broken whole.


A lot of what we throw away could be given a chance at repair. But it's work, and it inconveniences or exhausts our already worn down spirits. But sometimes, the restoration is worth it. The fruit of our labor is rewarding. We have done something impossible and it feels impossibly good. Empowering. It breathes hope and life and joy.

What needs mending in your soul today? Whatever it may be, you are worth the effort. Let's not despair of inner brokenness, but rather, determine to do the hard work of mending. Reach out, and share your hope. Restoration is possible. Restoration is beautiful. Begin today.

Jamie Bagley