There Is More To Each Story

I'm guest posting over at my friend Brenna's blog today. She is an amazing woman, with the gift of hospitality in person as well as on her blog. We've had lots of tea and chats which are two of my most favorite friendship expressions in the world. When Brenna asked if I'd like to share my heart with her readers for this holiday season, I was all the way on board. Here are a few of my thoughts on the subject of renewal during Advent:

There are so many advertisements in my face during this hurried, almost frenzied time of year. They promise me joy. They promise me renewal. They even imply happiness. They assure me I can renew my home with gorgeous accessories; I can renew my energy with vitamins and soy; I can renew my skin and put a healthy glow on my tired face with magical serums. Eventually, one of those promises will wear my defenses thin, and I’ll buy into the sparkle. But it doesn’t long cure what ails me, if it works at all. I begin to see through the promotional spin. Who can actually guarantee this promise of renewal? Really. Are we destined an entire life of unmet expectations, or is there more to each story?... Read the rest here.

Jamie Bagley