Spirit Breathes

My prayer this night:

As the Spirit breathes…


I wait for strength as I pray in weakness.

I trust in space, in silence speaking.

I live with opened mind and heart,

Refusing to live on bread alone.


As the Spirit breathes...


I will seek to feel that breeze on my skin-

Arms extended in the wind untamed-

Waiting to be shocked again by beauty,

Voicing doubts, singing questions, bearing faith.


As the Spirit breathes...


My soul paints what is true-

Colors speaking where words are not felt.

I dwell in a before-dawn suspension

Watching and listening, another act of art.


As the Spirit breathes...


I will heed sky whispers, secrets of “next.”

A faithful mystic, dreamer of dreams.

As the Spirit breathes, so shall I move.

In quiet love, my soul anticipates peace.

Jamie Bagley