Curiosity, Courage, and a Writing Class

It was over a year ago that I found the courage to sign up for the Story 101 writing course. I had heard glowing reviews of this class for a few months and was finally at the point where it was better to leap than to keep wondering.

I quickly realized this was not just a leap, but a launch. I had been writing for some months, but I was writing without direction. I was writing without community. That all quickly changed when I signed up for this new venture.

I now had community. I found my voice's direction. I learned that my words and my message have value. I committed to the title of "writer," and whoa did I practice. I showed up for calls, participated in discussions, and made some amazing friends. My writing improved. My confidence blossomed. "Publish" replaced "perfection" as a writing goal. And I learned that brave looks more like delivering your message with knees knocking and hands trembling than one impressive moment of power.

I honestly did not know exactly what I was getting into. Writing is work, and I work hard at it. There are still days where I want the ride to stop so I can get off. Every writer, casual or intent-on-book-deal, comes to that point at one time or another. But that's where the value of community comes to the rescue. There is more power in the phrase "you are not alone" than almost anything else you can tell a frustrated creative.

Story 101 has a wide ripple effect. I continue to reap the benefits of all I learned in this class. It is formulaic enough to be used over and over, unique enough to inspire new creativity each time you revisit the material, and unique in that it appeals to newcomers and experienced writers alike. I highly recommend it with this caveat: it could wildly change the direction or momentum of your life. So get ready!

If you're eager for a healthy dose of writing inspiration, this is your best one-stop investment, in my analysis. I have more regrets in my life for the things I didn't do than the things I did. This time, I knew it was my moment for risk-taking, following my questions, and taking action toward my dreams. How? I made this crazy, ambitious friend who lives a full, adventurous life of possibilities. It's time I made introductions. Meet Curiosity. She's wiser than she appears as well as loads of fun. Catch hold of her hand and take the plunge, won't you?

Because we all love details!: Story 101 is being offered at a discounted price of $127 and this is the last time the course will run live. To claim your spot, follow the link below and sign up by August  29th, 2014.

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Jamie Bagley