A Poet's "Why"

Why poetry? Why do you need poetry? How can poetry enrich your life? I can't answer all those questions to everyone's full satisfaction, but I will share what I have learned.

Poetry can remind you of your "why." What is it that makes your heart beat faster and your eyes light up? That is your "why" and poetry can help you express it. It can illustrate the deepest thoughts and desires etched into your soul.

When you write poems, you open yourself to a new world of expression and wonder. Writing your own poetry invites you to a new facet of self-awareness. You have spoken in an unknown but strangely familiar tongue. Your soul has bonded with the thread of the world; that golden strand of humanity we all possess. You feel connected to a greater story as you let your spirit wander into a place where no language is off limits. You get to experience a feeling of boundlessness for your creative potential.

In addition, it informs your soul with the art of description, painting pictures with words. A picture can convey many things and speak to all of life’s circumstances. You can process pain, speak truth to power, communicate the depths of your love, or lighten a situation through humor. Poetry is primarily about creating imagery that sparks your soul and the soul of your readers. Poetry should not be considered elite, but rather a dialect that is focused on being relational- whether you are relating to others or to your deepest self.

Writing your own poetry helps you to be aware of everything in your world. It helps you describe and discern your surroundings. It’s about paying attention to details and knowing each one matters. It’s about living with eyes open wider to the beauty around you.

Each soul has a rhythmic pattern etched into their core. A fingerprint heartbeat. A message from and for the universe the soul will orbit for as long as there is life. It is a lifelong quest to discover that rhythm, but it’s worth every step in exploration you might dare to take.

May you always be intent on finding your own pattern, and letting it illumine your chosen path.



Jamie Bagley