How to Find A Sliver of Light {poetry prompt}

Some days, it's ALL just. too. hard. The kids won't stop whining for five minutes. Your latest response to them goes on the #parentingfail list. The tasks are piling up while you try to make some space to breathe. The financial pressure can be likened to the Star Wars trash compactor; and you're up the creek without an R2 unit. Sorrow wells up from memories and scars and things that should never have happened. Things you can never forget. In times of difficulty or emotional turmoil, the written world of prose can stop making sense. But take heart. Communication is still possible.

Imagery to the rescue. Okay, maybe it's not a rescue, but it can help you express those thoughts trapped inside, which always helps. We're looking for a glimmer here. Even a sliver of light will do. We'll make a treasure hunt out of this. Yes, we can even use the everyday, mundane atmosphere for inspiration in writing.


Prompt: Look all around you in the room you are in right now. Notice the details. Choose an object that means something to you.  Claim it as your symbol of hope.

Let's brainstorm:

For instance, that end table. Perhaps it holds the memory of the time you went to shop for it and had a great and hilarious date with your partner.

Your shoes. Maybe they were a gift from a friend.

That photo of your elderly grandparents; their mad love for each other twinkling in their eyes. It can remind you of the blessed times you spent together, and blessed times to come.

A letter from your soul sister, reminding you how loved you are.

That stapler. Why, it could represent the holding of things together when life feels so scattered. Set your imagination free to wander!

1. Once you have chosen your symbol, use words to describe it.

2. Tell me what it represents. What drew you to it? Why did you choose it?

3. How can you reframe it to create a glimmer of light for you in this moment?

4. Consider photographing it for use if you plan to blog your poem. Or even just let the photograph BE the poem, if the words continue to elude you. Pictures can speak your heart, too.

Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. Let's stick with the first draft while we explore writing poetry together:


Symbols of Hope

Paper hearts waving in an artificial breeze

A picture of all that is not what it appears

The fragile become the strong in time of need

Symbols of love saving me from the cruelty of fear


Carnation, delicate stalks and blooms of pink

I will never again think of flowers as feeble

They have firmly sewn on sturdy patches

Over the gaping holes in my turbulent hope


Jamie Bagley