Invitation to Stillness

This week, my friend Marvia has invited us to #realtalk about The Beauty of Stillness. The Real Talk link-up goes live on Tuesdays, but it's worth pondering and posting about all week. Yesterday, instead of writing, I was out living, enjoying the beauty of friendship and creation. Come walk where my feet carried me yesterday. Let me share the beauty with you.

Nature's invitation to me yesterday was to wonder at her quiet beauty. I walked slowly around the perimeter of the playground my children were enjoying, snapping photos of every image that spoke a prayer for me.

I rediscovered beauty in the details of life as I zoomed in on this creature. It did not mind my presence, but seemed to carry its own inner stillness, unruffled by my close-up camera. When something large and unknown is looming in my life, I hope to be able to carry on doing what I was made for.

Time. It's a funny thing. Sometimes it matters too much and other times it matters little. The children and I had no obligations to obey the clock that afternoon. And I wonder how often I make an obligation what really is not? How often am I in a hurry and do not let myself enjoy the wonders of the vast blue sky and the invitation to be still?

As I joined my children in the joy of playing on the swings, I continued my practice of looking up. I often spend my days looking around, or looking down, and forget what exists beyond what I normally see. There is a beauty and peace and stillness in the practice of looking up. I think I will make it a regular discipline to remind me to keep faith even through difficulties.

I invite you to the same today. Take a moment to step outside, look up, breathe a prayer, and if you are so inclined, snap a photo to share with your friends. And if you find beauty in the stillness, please write your story, preserving the experience to remember when life becomes too hurried and time seems a burden. If you would like to join the link-up, you can find it here. May your day be filled with peace.

Jamie Bagley