The Great Happiness Chase! {A #31Days Challenge}

I am joining the 31 Days writing challenge! Last year, I was looking for stability, and I wrote through my thoughts as they came. It was an exercise in trust. The inspiration would be there from day to day, as long as I showed up to do the work. And it worked! My only sadness was that I was out of town when I began and didn't get home in time to link up. I stuck to the challenge anyway, but my friends, it's always better to do these things in company. So head on over and check out the 31 Days website. You have until the 5th of October to link up!

On to the business at hand!

This year, I'm writing about something just as near and dear. It's happiness. And I've learned that happiness has a far greater value than we've dared assign to it. I want to change that, by pursuing every angle I can imagine up about the importance of being happy. I'm calling it The Great Happiness Chase! And even though I'm not much of a runner, there are plenty of figurative ways to enjoy going after something of great worth. I believe this is going to be a life-changing endeavor! In all the best ways.

Ready, Set, Go!

Day 1. The Great Happiness Chase!

It was a struggle, at first, to admit I wanted to be happy. After all, it's a bit of a taboo in some religious circles. Sure, be joyful always, but that's not the same as happy, or so I heard. But I want to know why not. What is so wrong with making happiness a value and a goal? Would it really be detrimental to my faith? (Essential, more like! But we'll come to that later.)

I want to start with definitions. What does it mean to be happy or to dwell in happiness? I'll be here, writing more of my thoughts on that tomorrow. But first, I wanted to ask my readers. Throw out your dictionary for this one and just go off the top of your head! What does happiness mean to you? Do you struggle with your desire to be happy versus your desire to be devout? Have you had an experience that changed your idea of what happiness truly is?

I want to hear all about it. Join me on this 31 day adventure!



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Know Yourself. Share Yourself. Go Brightly.

Jamie Bagley