Sometimes I Need Introvert Time

Happiness seems like a social word, doesn't it? Light-hearted, gregarious, life of the party. It is, but not always. For introverts, it's sometimes just being free to do our own thing. That's the dream!

If I start getting cranky, it probably means I need some time to collect my thoughts, which often move faster than an action sequence in a Marvel movie.

That's the tricky part, as a mom of three. I'm grateful for the 2 hours a day I have when my youngest is in preschool. It's giving me space to breathe, and dream, and connect my thoughts to the things I value. I'm in a much better frame of mind to parent after that, even if I never get everything done I planned to cram inside this little time slot. Every bit helps.

I am far more enthusiastic about life when I've had some down time. Space is a beautiful thing. The quiet is healing music. Movement without a small person in tow is basically flying. It's magic.

Also magic is the moment I reconnect with the children, surprising them with a special snack or gift or trip to the park. Part of my dream is their happiness, too.

I'm grateful for this new freedom.

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Jamie Bagley