The Gifts Of Goodness Are Everywhere {gratitude}

I am halfway through October, and this happiness project has been more than I bargained for- in a good way! I have been chasing light, and now I feel as though it has turned around to chase me. I am walking in the path of the light, and gaining fresh perspective through little joys and small miracles.

I am learning to hope even when the chances are slim. I don't know if I'm ready to use the f-word yet - ::faith:: - because I'm still not convinced it's a gift I can possess, but I am accepting the tiny gifts of moments of goodness, with gratitude.

It is the practice of many to give thanks for three good things each day, and while that has usually seemed like a job to me, the goodness has started to jump out at me without my always having to think hard and search deep.

So this week. Here goes:

1. These berries.

2. This tree.


Thanks for letting me empty my spiritual pockets and count out the treasures in your presence. This one is for you. Happy Friday! Love, Jamie:

Jamie Bagley