Mystic Autumn: One Minute Meditation

I have mostly been on Instagram for my Mystic Autumn project this month. I find treasures in images, share the thoughts they bring to me, and invite others to participate with the daily prompt. I am never happier than when I am working on this project. It's feeding daily fresh hope to my slow-trusting soul. Every day, with a little bit of looking around, I'm able to find the message I need to hear and share with others.

Today, I'm bringing it here to the blog. It's an activity you may want to try for a restful Sunday, since I am posting this late on Saturday night. (It has been another loooong day and I am quite weary.)

One Minute Meditation is something I am passionate about: making the seemingly unreachable a thing to be grasped. Many of us do not have time or the physical peace to be still for long stretches. But we can take one minute to be mindful. Start small or stay small, it's all okay if it brings you life.

Here is what I shared today (without quite so many hashtags):


One Minute Meditation:
Go outside. Find a space that says ‪"‎home"‬ or ‪"‎safe‬." A garden or a park, or a beach perhaps. Take four deep breaths, exhaling slowly. Keep your eyes closed while you breathe. Think about the word ‎air‬ and how it is important to your whole being: body, mind, soul, energy. Treasure it deeply, for a few brief moments. Life is yours. ‪#‎mysticautumn‬ #‎gobrightly‬

Have a lovely weekend, my friends.



Jamie Bagley