The One Where I Ask You To Recommend Books On Happiness

For the past two Sundays, I've talked about books that bring happiness. Poetry and fiction, so far, and now I am reading one called The Geography of Bliss I learned about from a friend. I've probably not read enough of it yet to give you a good review, but I can tell you it's fascinating in a people-watching sort of way. By which I mean to say, very. :)

So. What do you have for me? What are the books on happiness which you would recommend? I'm not a great reader anymore because of time constraints, but I am still devoted to books. It just takes me more time than it used to.

I'd love to explore the topic of happiness through your eyes. What books have called out to you and brought you a better understanding of the role of happiness in our lives? Or what books have just made your spirit soar and compelled you to revisit them many times over?

Oh, bonus points if they have art as well as words. Like The Four Agreements, or Jesus For President, to name two examples off the top of my head. In my dream of publishing my own works, they will have this kind of artistic flavor to them, as well. If I realize this dream by the age of 70, I will have met a valuable-to-me life-goal. I'm sure you'll help me remember. Haha!

Happy Sunday!

Jamie Bagley