The Meaning of Happiness

Yesterday I asked what happiness means to you.

Today, in the spirit of understanding one another, I am going to tell you what the word happiness means to me.

What is happiness?

The dictionary calls it an emotion. I think the way we categorize emotions tends to deflate them and make them appear flat with only one way to look at them instead of well-rounded and full of depth. It’s along the lines of the same mistaken assumption humans made about the shape of the earth just a few centuries ago. We like to pretend we are certain about things. But happiness cannot be boxed or bottled, and it has a fullness to it to which a dictionary definition cannot begin to do justice.

It’s more than just a feeling of joy or satisfaction. It’s more than a feeling. It is more than chemical. More than religious fervor. And more important than I dared imagine.

Here are a few thoughts I would add to the meaning of it:

Happiness is a state of being and a way of seeing. It engages all the senses and draws out a response of true-heartedness.

It has the strength to pursue a purpose, and energy to coexist with heartbreak.

The inability of someone else to accept it does not in fact quench it.

Happiness is a field of freedom and a fortress of hope.

Happiness is the ability to say “My path is good and I am worthy to walk it.”

If I am not dwelling in happiness, my best option is to pursue it, because anything else is imprisonment, and no one thrives in that environment. It is a high priority for health and spirit.

One final thought:

Happiness is possible (no matter what!) It is a bare necessity for me to live with that confidence, even when it takes a leap of faith. Here's to all of us doing our best!



The Great Happiness Chase! Day 2.

Jamie Bagley