How To Make Your Soul's To-Do List


Step 1: Decide your soul is a priority.

Ask yourself why that third load of laundry thinks it deserves more attention than you. Ask yourself if maybe there will be time for both, but shouldn't your soul come first? At least once in a while.

Step 2: Find a place where you feel at rest.

This may not be at home. Sometimes the soul is restless because it needs a change of scenery. Is there a place that feeds your spirit with hope and energy? I find a certain park to be magic for me, body and soul, and I try to go there as often as possible while the weather cooperates. It's where I was inspired to write my own list which I will share below.

Step 3: Think about all the things you love or treasure.

It doesn't have to be one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. It just needs to strike a small spark in your heart and imagination.

Step 4: Involve your senses: Sight, sound, taste, smell, touch. What delights them?

I love the smell of pine, or damp soil after a sudden downpour. I love the sound of water tripping along in a brook. I love the sight of large, white clouds in an impossibly big sky. I love the feel of the wind on my skin. I love the taste of cinnamon. So for me, finding something that brings these things to mind or brings my body into experiencing them- these are the kinds of things I will need on my unusual to-do list. Find the things that you will need for you.

Step 5: I hope you have your journal with you, because now it's time to write them down.

Nothing is too silly. Listen to your gut and let it tell you what you need. Impulse is sometimes a message from within trying to set you free from the sense of obligation to meet all the expectations surrounding you. Make your own expectations and let them point you toward growth.

Step 6: Practice at least one thing daily. Like that vitamin you take with your orange juice.

Soul care does not have to be expensive, either in the realm of money or time. A little attention can go a long way, in my experience. I hope that by sharing, you can discover a little respite to experience for yourself. Not everything that is right for me will be right for you, but perhaps it can give you ideas for a starting point. That is my hope.

My Soul-Care ToDo List (The Original Version):

1. Find something beautiful to bring balance to your vision.

2. Do at least one thing a day that makes your heart quicken in joyful surprise.

3. Listen to the story nature is telling today.

4. Meet someone's eyes.

5. Eat something you love.

6. Light a candle with your favorite scent.

7. Smile at your own reflection. Acceptance takes practice. Invest in that moment.

8. Invite a hug from someone who loves you and whom you love.

9. Laugh heartily. Be a mischief-maker. Enjoy a joke. Make up a silly rhyme.

10. Be impulsive at least once. Even if impractical.

11. Make something tidy. A small surface, corner, or closet shelf will do- one small victory.

12. Let go of something you don't need.

13. Give a small gift.

14. Speak a word of kindness.

15. Daydream a place you very much would love to visit.

What's going on your list? I'd love for you to share your wonderful ideas in the comments. Give your soul a gift today.



Jamie Bagley