Lovely Blog Readers {or Where Have I Been?}


In case you're wondering where I've been or if the happiness chase fizzled, I am here to bring the glorious information that will ease your minds. After a few days of general malaise, (of which I entertained the slight notion that I was being spiritually attacked for discovering how to be my best self,) and wondering if I had indeed burned out- I was very tired and had so little space for writing- I actually came down with something. Yep, I am royally sick.

By royally, I mean my husband is bringing me tea and toast in bed. I have a stack of books to read, (shout-out to all your lovely recommendations, many of which are already finished due to said sickness,) and I can sleep and watch Netflix all I want. It's almost like a vacation except for the pain and fever and chills and... Which means I don't really watch Netflix, I just sort of keep it on as lullaby background noise.

On to better things. Soon. But first, I rest. Yet just because my body has come to a halt, does not mean my spirit has to. Tell me, what are the small joys and tiny comforts that get you through your sick days best?

All the love, and thank goodness you can't catch this through reading blogs!


Jamie Bagley