Happiness Basics: The Importance of Remembering to Breathe

Everyone forgets it.

We hold it without even knowing.

It slips away without our thinking, even when it makes a sound.

We are undone without it.

Unconscious without our unconscious movement.

We try to learn to count with it. As we hold it. As it breaks our resolve to beat records.

As it breaks our resolution to survive without help.

Everyone has it, needs it, and is confounded when it is constricted.

Panic attacks. One thousand padlocks all clicking closed. Deadbolts sliding shut over lungs.

Dread that it will not pass this time like it did all the other times. But it does.

And once more we remember to remember what a precious thing we draw in and what a relief to release.

I am going to learn to pay better attention.

Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Hold. Continue.



I am linking up with Erika Shirk for this week's #WholeMama prompt: Breath.

The Great Happiness Chase! Day 6.

Jamie Bagley