Happiness Basics: The Importance of Finding Your Own Pace


I have barely had a moment to stop and think today. A lot of plans and a lot of places and a lot of people. That's how the story goes.

I wasn't really going to talk about running again. And I'm not really that much. But whether running or walking or biking or living everyday life, everyone has to find a pace that is right for them. Everyone needs to discover the pace that allows them to get the most out of their chosen activity. For me, that pace is slower and more thoughtful than a mother/poet/writer/sometimes-coach/musician/creative/life-enthusiast is expected to be. (At least what my mind tells me is probably expected.)

This is something I had to learn over time. If I want to make the most of this life, I have to slow down for the things that matter. I have to let my body tell my mind when it is feeling pushed into the too muchness of our world's frenetic pace and frantic expectations. Rarely is anything so urgent that I must sacrifice my health and peace of mind to meet it. I like to pretend it is, and it somehow makes me more important, but really the most urgent thing for me now is to treat myself like a person: A person who needs air, water, food, sleep, love, and nurturing. A person who is allowed to have needs.

I have to walk softly for a change. I have to relearn this again and again. And again. A hundred times a day! Repeat as often as necessary.

The Great Happiness Chase! Day 5.

Jamie Bagley