New! Behind-the-Scenes Series {Intro}

Last week, I talked about lifelong identity challenges, and promised additional thoughts. Here they are. Oh! And stay tuned to the end to hear my big idea!

We spend hours in both work and play, trying to explain the all of who we are. Not only to others, but many times, just so we know ourselves. Turns out, identity is quite a consuming subject. There is always more to learn about humanity and about the self.

I have learned over time that self-study and self-knowledge are keys to growth. I've also begun to realize it’s a full time job for the heart and soul. And like all full-time jobs, there are times we move into overtime and hit the point of burnout.

This was my struggle and the reason I took a blogging break at the start of the new year. I can work so hard on myself that I forget to breathe- forget that I get to be a person who is not perfect. It then becomes hard to share with you how not-perfect I am. It’s another way I have silenced myself. But here I am now. Consider this my confessional. When once again I have come full circle to hiding my vulnerability because it might make me look less competent, it’s time for an accountability check.

I’m not promising I won’t be quiet again. Sometimes I write myself empty and it’s hard to replenish. But I’m going to try to be present here a little more frequently. I might be making a slow, fresh start so far in 2015. But. I’m not giving up. Really, I’m not.

So, here's my big idea:

I have a lot of projects going; they are all important to me, and they are all calling to me at once. I figure the best thing to do is give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse.

Why not invite you into the process? Personal connection is a high value for me. Sharing layers of the work I value and even love; it's a delightful prospect.

I would love to give a tour of the projects I'm working on when I'm not hanging out on the website. So, once a week, (hopefully,) I will highlight one of the many things I’ve got going. The many, many, many things.

Oh, dear, I made a list. It's up to 12 and I'm not done.

Welp. Looks like we'll have plenty to talk about. One per week, and we'll get through eventually, right? (Unless- here's a crazy thought- I start even more projects. Eep!) Sound fun?

Jamie Bagley