Spring Always Reminds Me Of The Beauty Of Second Chances

Spring always reminds me of the beauty of second chances.


Is it the holy glow of resurrection?

Is it the sun?

Is it the flowers madly breaking earth

and rising into power before the frost has had time

to say her final goodbyes?


Is it the way the waters run off the mountains

and chase the river all the way down to the shriveled valleys,

faster, and faster, in their hurry to erase the blight of winter?


Is it the geese, coming once again to my door,

begging for alms to prepare for their new families?

Is it my heart, that comes alive again

when the thermometer passes 50°F,

and makes me want to throw on a jacket

and run outside to join the musical in motion?


The car starts without a fuss,

and I finally forgive it for complaining all winter.

The children track in mud and I’m too thankful to be annoyed,

because life is happening.

And life is happening.

And life all around is happening!


I come to life again, too,

and feel like God has handed me a clean slate.

Begin again, the world whispers.

Begin again, just for the fun of it.

Begin again, and find all the pieces of yourself you lost

on the other times around.


It sings! The earth sings it

straight into my mind

and straight out again through my fingertips.

Jamie Bagley