Let your heart bleed so you lose your mind.

Let your voice weep so you’re kept outside.

Watch as no one sees; listen: no one hears,

But the Universe, who’s doubled over in tears.


There is more compassion among our stars.

There is more mercy in our orbiting spheres.

May our souls be unearthed where truth cannot die,

Though countless still argue with the sky.

I am reaffirming my identity as a poet. I've tried for a while to show that I am more than one thing, more than just a poet, because I've felt that it was a bit of a box I had backed into. But it's not a box at all. If anything, poetry is the way toward freedom. It's the way I fight injustice. It's the way I take up my God-given space. I've never stopped writing it, but I got out of the habit of making it visible to you. It's time to change that. Again. Bear with my humanity patiently, please?

If you would like to read more of my poems, head to this page. I update about once a month with several new ones. I should probably have shared this fact much sooner. Thanks for accepting me as my imperfect self in this space. Love to all my readers, and stay tuned for more posts!




Jamie Bagley