What I'm Into (May recap)

Hi friends!

May has been a hanging-on-for-dear-life kind of month. Things got overwhelming, and to be honest, they are still overwhelming, but slightly more bearable now that we've finished our homeschool year. So what have I been up to, the blog being so silent and all lately?

As you can see in the photo above, we got a new minivan! Woohoo! Our previous car was so small, this is a huge upgrade.

The kids also got new bikes. They are all still a bit wobbly getting the hang of things, but hopefully by the end of the summer they will be pros. There aren't many places to ride which is why it took us so long, but we can walk to some okay locations not too far away.

We have to wait one more week for the neighborhood pool to open. The nice thing is, it's usually not too crowded if we go in the morning. Kevin's physical therapist said swimming and biking are really good exercises for him, so we have some extra motivation.

We had our visit to the Shriner's hospital earlier this month. It is quite the marathon, as Kevin gets seen by several doctors, a dietician, a nurse, a social worker, a PT, and OT, and a psychologist. I'm really impressed with the care. We go for genetic testing in August: in order to continue getting him the best care, they need the test results even though the muscular dystrophy diagnosis is already confirmed by other factors. Special needs parenting is part of the overwhelm I've mentioned. But I have that do-it-anyway spirit, because my son needs an advocate. Sometimes a mama just has to warrior up, no matter how worn.

Warrior up, yes, but I also decided to ask for some help in a new way. I have started to go to therapy. So far it has been a good experience and has set me free in some small ways. I'm taking baby steps out of the overwhelm. I'm grateful for professionals who can help me navigate this season of challenge. Really grateful.

Another thing that's got me excited is my friend Esther's Whole Mama project for the summer. I think it's going to help me wear the mom hat with a little more grace, and I need that so badly right now. Check out her intro!

A couple weeks ago, we had our first staycation of the year. It was nice to go out for ice cream, or to the park, or the library as a whole family. We also visited a candy shop and a used book store. It was perfection. My boys especially love their new/used copy of The Book With No Pictures by B. J. Novak.

I have only one book for myself to report for this month: a book of poetry called This Same Sky A Collection of Poems from around the World selected by Naomi Shihab Nye. You guys, I’m devouring this poetry. It is beautiful to see into the spirit of other cultures. As it says in the introduction “Those of us living in the United States often suffer from a particular literary provinciality, imagining ourselves to be the primary readers and writers of the planet.” -Naomi Shihab Nye. I don’t want to grow into that rut, so I’m making an effort to branch out. I make it sound like work, but it's really, really not. It's delightful and inspiring. :)

I'm not ruling out American poets, since my dear friend Jenny Wells just recently introduced me to Andrea Gibson's work, and her poetry is just breathtaking. Powerful. Listen!

I feel like this post needs a Part II because there's so much more I could write. I've got to finish up quickly, though so I don't cut into our date night. It has been a loooong Friday, and I'm ready for a break. Linking up with Leigh Kramer for her What I'm Into series. It's super fun, and you should check out some of the other lovely posts and/or add your own! I hope you have a lovely weekend.

                                                                 Happy summer!

                                                                 Happy summer!

Go brightly!



Jamie Bagley