What I'm Into (April recap.)


I am sure this update is long overdue. I put that kind of pressure on myself a lot. I pick up expectations I have no business carrying. Some folks like to call that being a perfectionist, I suppose. I call it reality, too, because I have always been this intense. I am going to try once again to live in the present and not feast on too many regrets, because they do not fill anyone. You will hopefully be seeing more of me in the month of May.

April was an anomaly for me. After finishing up teaching A Heart of Prayer: Book of Hours ecourse, I was ready for a real break. We covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time, and in retrospect, may have needed a bit longer. I spent the rest of the month just surviving: the cold weather, the fatigue, the squabbles between my sons, the potty drama (not mine. ha!), etc. The good news is, the ecourse will be available again! I don't have a launch date yet, but I'm making it into a self-paced, DIY course. I think that creates a lot more freedom, and freedom is one of my core values. I'm hoping to have it ready by the end of May.

Finally, in the last week of April or so, the weather began to cooperate. The April showers gave way to red buds and pink crabapple blossoms, yellow tulips and forsythia, purple violets and more. It is all quite heavenly. The children and I have made almost daily trips to the small playground at our apartment complex. I know the walks have been good for us, even though they are still tiring.

Now that I've spent some time telling you about it, what I really want to do is show you. I think in this case, the images speak louder than words:

What would life be without lots of celebratory moments with the family? We're carving as many simple adventures out of life as we are able. Kevin learned how to swing without help. Cameron loves to jump, jump, jump everywhere! Kaitlin is growing tall and brave and kind. I am so proud of all of them.

I feel like my writing has slowed way down. It hasn't stopped. I penned a lot of poetry near the beginning of the month, and here is one that actually made it to the blog before my inner perfectionist got a say in the matter. ;)

I was a guest on The Mudroom. I was a guest on The Angry Women blog. I was a guest for the lovely Cara Strickland's de(tales) series. It was a fun month of visiting around.

I have also been writing a Diary of a Lost Identity. You will have to visit my Instagram to catch up on those for now. (This life is keeping me busy.) They are short entries, so it shouldn't take too long. Just look for the telltale blue background:

You can also follow me on Twitter! Occasionally I wade in and share my thoughts on things. :)

I'm linking up with the fabulous and always lovely Leigh Kramer for her What I'm Into series. You should too. Join the fun!

Much love and thanks for your patience. I hope you all have an incredibly wonderful May! And one more thing: coo with me over these adorable widdle baby goslings, won't you? I just can't stand all the springtime cuteness! Too much! I love it.

Jamie Bagley