Trusting The Whole Process

It's hard to keep the big picture in mind some days. If I am not yet where I want to be, it is sort of like being stuck in the mud. I don't like living in the space between inner conflict and resolution; between dream and fulfillment. But these things take time, and work, and more time still. It creates a restlessness of heart to live in that space of perseverance in spite of the unknown, and today, I am writing a letter to the restless heart that carries it all. But not here. A true friend of the heart is hosting my words over at her place today. Here's an excerpt, (but you will want to read the whole thing!):

We are not turning back, you and I. No, we are not! Let me remind you of something: Each road we travel has different challenges. When the land is smooth, oh, you know it’s a wonderful adventure because you are going fast and can see so far in front of you. When the path is rugged, nobody expects their wagon wheels to get caught in a rut, but sometimes it happens. Getting trapped like that can be jarring. It’s then a little voice inside says “Give up! Give up and go home!”

I don’t advise that option today, dear one. You have more mettle than that. This wagon you are steering, your dream, is meant to be. Trust the whole process. The journey is made from all kinds of terrain. Embrace the beauty of differing scenery.

Go and visit the lovely Beth Morey to read the rest!

Jamie Bagley