#WholeMama And Happy Summer

My kids and their friends like to play this game that goes something like:

1. See a bug.

2. Scream at the bug.

3. Show everyone the bug.

4. Everyone screams at the bug.

5. All run around wildly, pretending there is danger.

This is all done more in glee than terror, except for maybe the smaller ones who occasionally get the wrong message and start crying.

It’s all very cute and all very I-can’t-handle-it at the same time. I’m a highly sensitive person(HSP) and high-pitched noises switch on my fight-or-flight. Actually, that’s not quite true. My fight-flight is always switched on. Let’s say it dials it up to turbo.

You guys, this is my life right now. Loud kids and small spaces. Limited transportation. I’m required to be at high charge, full speed ahead, deflect all the grabby/punchy/flailing hands and whiny voices coming straight for me at all times. And I wouldn’t say any of this is compatible with my nature or calling. Unless my calling is to survive. This is tough and requires me to be tough and most of the time I’m equally done and undone, but there aren’t any outs.

I’m here to tell you this is hard. I’ve been child-rearing or assisting in child-rearing for more than half of my life. Every day at least once, and that’s me protecting my good-mom reputation, I want to call it quits. Except there isn’t any quitting, smashing a coffee cup, and storming out of an office building. It’s me and the people I love and a strong need to work things out.

Sometimes the best way to work things out is just to let my hair down. Have some fun. Hang out with others who empathize with the challenges of semi-containing the chaos without crushing any spirits, (including mine!) I may not have all the time and space for creativity and quiet that my heart craves, but there are ways to make it happen with a little willpower and a lotta grace.

So I’m teaming up with a few mamas for a summer project. It’s called #WholeMama and it’s a participate as you are able kind of project. Whether that means blogging, Instagram-ing, or hanging out on Twitter, or Fuze video calls -hosted by yours truly- any or all of those things, the welcome mat is out.

If all that sounds overwhelming, just choose your favorite thing and do that. Head on over to Esther Emery’s blog to read the details. If you know some other caregivers who might benefit from some online summer fun, please share Esther’s post with them, too.

When school lets out, everyone says “Happy Summer!” It’s the most enthusiastic thing ever. I want to be intentional about fulfilling those words. Even in the midst of the mess of motherhood and all the things I am juggling.

Let’s share the mess and share the love. Come on! It'll be fun!

Jamie Bagley