A New #WholeMama Friend, and An Instagram Challenge!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about a #WholeMama summer. I have been feeling this need to stop for breath. This need has been going on for a very long time: to weave together creativity, motherhood, spirituality, and identity, which I have been exploring in depth this year.

But how, I am asking myself? I do not have a formula. And for once, I know it's okay to not have the exact answer. That is what is so special about #WholeMama. We don't have to have answers for how to find wholeness, just a spirit of adventure to explore the many possibilities together; to find the paths that are good for our mama hearts.

I want to introduce to you a #WholeMama friend whom I have recently met. She is full of courage, and kindness, and authenticity, and I want very much for you to become acquainted with her, too.

You can read more about Sarah's wild and wonderful life right here! She is glorious at being a writer. I found myself instantly engaged, and delighted that I get to make these introductions. You'll love her, I promise.

Life is beautiful. I know that is a simple statement, but it is easily lost in the midst of daily demands. It is lost, unless we purpose to pay attention. And that is why I am thrilled to follow this direction of breathing, being, and chasing happiness.

I am not in this alone. None of us are in this alone. I want so much to highlight this life-giving truth. We are not alone! And this is our opportunity to show each other that we're in this together. This is a summer to encourage and be encouraged. This is a time to recover our breath through the joy of shared experience.

We're doing a video swap of sorts, so you'll find my introduction over here. I'm so excited to be there!

How can you participate?

Later on in the coming weeks, there will be link-ups for you to share your own stories, ideas, experiences, etc. For today, if you would like to make a video of introduction, feel free to share in the comments, or post on Instagram.

The instructions are to fill in the blanks to the statement below:

"I am […] and I need #WholeMama because […]

Use the #wholemama hashtag on Instagram TODAY (Tuesday) to be entered to win a special prize! Read more on Esther Emery's blog...


Jamie Bagley