Whole Mama: Silly

Movie quotes. Inside jokes. Memes and tropes. It’s a slippery slope. (That’s because of the banana peels, which you already knew, right? Yes. Quite.)

Have I lost my mind? No. I'm just having a little fun, because the #WholeMama word for the week is SILLY!!! How awesome is that? If you haven't linked up with us yet, now is definitely the week to start! Head to Esther Emery's place to add your link.

Silly is my favorite stress-reliever. I can get ridiculously worked up sometimes over how unruly or loud my children are getting, so I’ve gotten into the habit of warning them that mom is going to lose it by comic-shouting “Huuuulk, smassssshhhh!” It works so well I usually end up laughing my way out of the stress-induced situation. And the kids are all “Mo-om, you’re sooo silly!”

There are times when I begin the day with tension, and every little thing seems to add to it. There are some family outings where I forget how much fun it is to be silly. I become The Manager of Children instead of being the fun mom. Fortunately, my husband is just as/maybe a bit more mischievous than I am. We make a good team. He knows how to make people smile, too. The majority of our family outings are good experiences with good memories.

One of my favorites from this past summer was when we went to a used bookstore. I had wandered off to the one (sadly!) poetry shelf in the shop and was sorting through the treasures when I heard uproarious laughter coming from the children’s section. I’m talking shrieks of merriment and glee. Josh was reading The Book With No Pictures aloud to them in an exceptionally dramatic way. I didn’t even care that the book was $15, or that we could find it cheaper on Amazon. We brought joy home with us that day.

And that’s the whole point of it, isn’t it? To find delight in the world around us is a gift. Silliness is one of those strategies that has the highest of success rates. Why not employ it? Daily.

It has taken me many years to realize that I am at my best when I am happy, and that it is wise and healthy to value happiness. I have much more to learn and explore, and I am excited about it. That's a good thing.

I’m hoping the day never comes when my children are embarrassed to be with me. Because I do and I will burst into song in public. I do and I will start dancing around when I feel like the situation calls for it. I love talking in funny voices, wiggling my eyebrows, or making up silly songs on the spot- anything to get my kids to smile or laugh.

It's the children who bring out the best, and the silliest, in me. They remind me of who I truly am: light, love, and joy. I hope they never get tired of my silliness. I hope they always join in on the fun.

Jamie Bagley