Mystic Autumn: An Invitation

Tomorrow is the first day of my favorite month of the year. It is the first day of the month in which I was born. October is a richness of scents, sights, feelings, sounds, and delectable tastes! No wonder we all love it so.

Autumn is not just a break from the heat. It's a reminder to slow down, to be watchful, and to embrace life (and the people in our life!) I feel more than any other, that it is the season wherein the earth is saying: "In spite of all our heartaches, there is love, and there is joy, and there lies within each of us the capability of making peace."

This year, it feels like the Muse sent me a personal invitation. The trees waved at me frantically until the message was delivered. It was an invitation to grow in awareness of the present moment. To see the magic in the everyday; it's not only an invitation but a gift.

I've let my inner mystic nap for far too long. My inner skeptic has played until she's overtired. She can't figure out the world and it makes her cross and sometimes petty. That's okay. It's autumn: the time for letting go, for taking long walks in crunching leaves, and wearing sweaters that feel like snuggles. My inner skeptic needs a long sleep- maybe a hundred years sleep to get right again, though I usually get impatient and wake her in a few short months. One day I will learn what it means to be at peace with all parts of myself, but until then, it's time for the skeptic to rest and the mystic to open my heart to the beauty of noticing.

I want to see more. I want to see more than the horrors, the duties, and the dirt. I want to see also that hearts are beautiful, that most often they are trying their best to create beauty, (yep, even that guy that ran a stop sign and blared his horn at me for being in his way today,) and that sometimes the best way to fight evil is to simply create more goodness.

I want to have a mystic autumn. I want to invite you to join me. For at least the month of October, I will be sharing one-word prompts on Instagram. Snap a photo of whatever the one-word prompt inspires or evokes in you. It's open to your own wild, wacky, or wonderful, (or all of the above!) interpretation.

Step 1: Follow me on Instagram @jamiebrightley.

Step 2: Share your photo interpretation of the one-word prompt with #mysticautumn.

Step 3: Invite your friends to participate.

I hope you'll play along for the joy of it all.



Jamie Bagley